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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! My name is Yasmin, i hate it with a passion so please call me Yaz, i live in a small town in Devon/England, i've always wanted my own blog to share my thoughts and to hear other people's opinions, feel free to comment or ask me anything! I want to start surfing and someday i hope to travel the world and visit everywhere possible.

more about me

There is a little bit about me in my bio, but i am a 14 year old girl, living in a small place in Devon/England in Barnstaple. I spend the majority of my time eating, sleeping, listening to music, going on twitter, instagram and rarely facebook. i like blogs, it's interesting to see other people's interests and perspectives on everything, so i thought- why not start my own?
i have several pets, including quite a few fish which i've had for a long time, a cat named Merlin and a dog called Sprite, i have another cat, Cookie, but she has annoyed me since Day 1.
favourite food?  i love food in general, probably more than people at times, i think it's quite difficult to choose my favourite food *niall horan moment* basically i could live off of pasta, i have it nearly every day- it plays a big role in my life! i love chinese food more than anything, oh and before i forget icecream, ben and jerry's especially! also dippin' dots were a usual purchase in Florida, they need them in the UK already! they're delicious and i can't describe them very well in words, you must simply try them for yourself
favourite places? when i'm older i want to travel the world, and try out new experiences! but so far my favourite place i have been is in America, Florida. I just love it so much there, the food, the weather, the clothes, EVERYTHING! i also like visiting my family in London, i would love to live in a big city, so much goes on and it's so exciting, but i'm stuck living in a quiet place far away from everything that i have an interest in, except london doesn't have any beaches so i guess it's okay living by the coast..

  favourite things to do? i spend a lot of my time on instagram, and twitter, basically the things i have listed in my introduction! i lounge about a lot, and forever leaving things until the last minute! (hoping i'm not the only one)!:) i love to go out and see my friends, go for walks on the beach, i would love to go on a roadtrip and visit the world so much, so i can have fun and try new experiences at the same time! i love to shop, but it's annoying when you spend all of your money, which tends to happen a lot of the time!-oops

what do i look like? 
i am really short, i have blonde/brown/ginger hair, so many colours i don't even know myself! i have blue eyes, and i have braces- officially a brace face and hopefully i am getting them off soon so i am so excited for that!

here are a few selfie's and pictures of me so you can see what i look like etc because i'm sure you're interested in that

my sister, chloe. i love her to bits, she's so important to me! sounds silly but i couldn't ask for a better sister!

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